Promotional Power Banks

With the ever growing popularity of smart phones and tablets, our Promotional Power Banks are custom made to your design.It’s a shared experience that unites us all in dread - the low battery symbol ensure you never get caught short again. Personalised powerbanks are for much more than just for phones and can lend themselves to almost any gadget on the go that needs that extra bit of juice. Whether you’re on your morning commute or in a tent at Glastonbury, there’s a customised power bank for every occasion and device. Available in a range of different finishes, from metal to plastic, as well as various sizes including round, rectangular and even Credit Card. The selection of capacity also means that each of our branded Power Banks can be changed to fit your budget from a more cost effective single charge.

Power Banks

Crystal Power Bank

Crystal Power Bank

Custom printed insert or laser engraved to show LED light. Supplied with cables. 2000mAh.

£11.84 on 250+ (MQ 100)