We believe that the only way to be sure about a product, before your have thousands printed, is to see a sample. We offer stock samples for our whole product range. For all high value orders, where possible, we will also produce a pre-production sample for your approval before the bulk goods are produced. This is an essential step to ensuring the item is perfect before the point of no return!

We offer stock samples for our whole product range.

Unbranded Samples


We are able to provide stock samples for our entire product range, these will be plain or have generic branding. Stock samples are invaluable in terms of getting an item produced to your expected finish, quality and colour. If we feel we have a product that might work well for your brief we will also include a sample with your consignment, to keep you in the loop with the latest merchandise out there. Never underestimate the importance of seeing a sample before you proceed with bulk production, website images can look great but there is nothing like holding and using the product to get a real feel for your purchase. We always encourage confectionary to be tasted, clothes to be worn, pens to be written with, notebooks to be scribbled in and the list goes on...


Branded Samples


Although you will always be supplied with a PDF proof for your approval and you will see a stock sample of any product we produce for you, we can on occasion produce fully branded samples. Unfortunately we cannot offer this service on all orders due to the high cost involved in producing a single branded item, however if possible we will aim to include this as part of the ordering process for high value orders.