Personalised Hand sanitiser

Keep all that nasty bacteria at bay with our personalised Hand Sanitiser. Designed to kill any harmful bacteria you might come into contact with, these bottles will help you brave the public toilets and still come out feeling fresh. Customised hand sanitisers are great giveaways to help promote a more hygienic world, especially in the colder months where colds are easy to find and even easier to spread. But if you’re looking for all year round use for a medical or dental practise, we do larger sized branded hand sanitiser so you can make sure germ control is at its best. Hand them out at events to save you from catching something from the handshake, clip them to your belt for when you’re seeing patients or just stash one in your handbag in case of emergencies, personalised hand sanitisers are great giveaways and suitable for every work space.

Hand sanitiser

Waterless Hand Sanitiser with Clip

Waterless Hand Sanitiser with Clip

50ml capacity. Tested against MRSA & swine flu. 5 liquid colour choices.

£2.39 on 250+ (MQ 100)