For effortless ordering of branded merchandise company-wide, we offer a custom Merch Store platform, specifically made for your organisation.

The user-friendly interface caters to all users, allowing easy browsing, reordering, and real-time shipment tracking. The platform enhances your relationship with our account managers by providing direct contact details and curated product suggestions. Incentives like discounts and rewards make you feel valued, while the fully bespoke setup ensures consistency and efficiency in promotional material management. Tailored categories, product selections, and branding elements streamline the ordering process, saving valuable time and ensuring a seamless experience for employees.

Whether it's about ease of reordering, inspiring new ideas, or accessing discounts, MoJo's Merch Store platform aims to enhance the customer experience and streamline promotional merchandise management.

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Ask us about a custom made Merch Store platform to help effortless reordering of bespoke merchandise across your entire company. Our user-friendly interface makes navigating the platform intuitive for all users, whether they're tech-savvy or not. With a few clicks, employees can browse through a curated selection of branded products, easily reorder items, and track shipment statuses in real-time.

Plus, our platform is designed to develop your relationship with your account manager even further. Not only does the Store provide you with direct contact details for your account manager - perfect for discussing new ideas! - the Store is set up to inspire as well as to reorder. Your account manager will curate a range of new bespoke merchandise options that we think you will love!


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Our Merch Stores are not just about inspiration or making ordering top of the line customer merchandise easier, it’s also about making you feel like the valued customer that you are. Use your store to access discounts that make your merchandise go further for less, and rewards that bring a big smile to your face!



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With tailored categories, product selections, and branding elements, a fully bespoke Merch Store ensures consistency across all promotional materials throughout the company. Employees can easily find what they need, place orders swiftly, and track deliveries effortlessly, streamlining the ordering process and saving valuable time!


“Our Merch Stores simply take your entire experience up a gear. A bespoke link to share with your team internally, fresh features and exclusive content & offers are just a few perks to name, not forgetting the amount of time you save!”

-Josh Hunter, Senior Graphic Designer