Ethical trading with MoJo Promotions means upholding your company's values by sourcing products from manufacturers that prioritise fair wages, safe working conditions, and sustainable practices. By choosing ethically sourced merchandise, you demonstrate integrity and contribute to positive social impact, aligning with consumer preferences for sustainable products.

Here at MoJo, we work to maintain strong relationships with suppliers who advocate for workers' rights and undergo independent audits by organisations like WRAP, B Corp, and Fair Trade. These accreditations ensure adherence to global standards and promote transparency and accountability throughout the supply chain. Trading with independently audited suppliers not only benefits workers and communities but also enhances brand reputation and consumer trust.



Uphold your company's values and commitment to social responsibility with an ethically sourced range of products. By supporting manufacturers that ensure fair wages, safe working conditions, and environmentally sustainable practices, you demonstrate integrity and accountability in addition to contributing to positive social impact! From organic cotton apparel to eco-friendly materials, ethical choices in promotional merchandise also align with growing consumer preferences for sustainable products. Ultimately, investing in ethical trading not only strengthens your brand's ethical stance but also drives positive change in the global marketplace, fostering a more equitable and sustainable future for all.




At MoJo Promotions we believe that everyone deserves fair treatment and safe working conditions wherever they work. This is why we only trade with those that advocate for workers’ rights, and work to foster stronger relationships with our suppliers, ensuring ethical practices and sustainable partnerships are maintained. This not only keeps our supply chain stable but also boosts our - and most importantly, your brand reputation.




It is for these reasons that we seek out branders and manufacturers who have third party social accreditations, such as WRAP, B Corp and Fair Trade, and actively engage in global standards like ISO and audits like SEDEX. Accreditations such as these signify a commitment to fair labour practices, environmental sustainability, and community empowerment. Working with independently audited suppliers fosters transparency and accountability throughout the supply chain, as well as boosting brand reputation and consumer trust. Ultimately, as end users are increasingly concerned where their merchandise is being sourced, trading with independently audited suppliers is a strategic investment in ethical business practices that not only benefits workers and communities but also strengthens the integrity of your brand.


“We only work with suppliers & manufactures that are truly transparent. It helps us give you all the information around your purchase whilst gives all peace of mind that people are abiding to moral values.”

-Tom Verow, Key Account Manager