Carbon offsetting in promotional merchandising is a strategic move for today’s businesses addressing environmental concerns. By offsetting carbon emissions associated with merchandise production and distribution, companies exhibit their commitment to sustainability and reduce their overall carbon footprint. This resonates with eco-conscious consumers, enhancing brand reputation and driving purchasing decisions. Integrating carbon offsetting into your promotional campaigns adds value to your merchandise, giving an environmentally friendly appeal to your promotions.

As part of our work to help the environment, we understand that transparency and integrity are paramount for inspiring industry-wide change. We are certified carbon positive through Ecologi, and actively encourage our clients to invest in tree planting and other green initiatives with every order. Education also plays a vital role, with MoJo providing clear environmental assessments and informative writings to empower clients to make informed decisions for themselves and the planet.

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Carbon offsetting in promotional merchandising is a smart strategy for businesses looking to enhance their brand image while addressing environmental concerns. By offsetting the carbon emissions associated with the production and distribution of promotional merchandise, companies can showcase their commitment to sustainability and reduce their overall carbon footprint. This demonstrates corporate responsibility and resonates with consumers who prioritise eco-friendly practices when making purchasing decisions.

Furthermore, integrating carbon offsetting into promotional campaigns adds value to the merchandise by giving it an environmentally friendly appeal, potentially increasing its desirability and perceived worth. This is why at MoJo Promotions, not only are we certified carbon positive through Ecologi, but we also encourage our clients to get involved by investing in Tree Planting with every order they place.





Mojo Promotions believes that transparency is essential for building lasting relationships with both our suppliers and our clients. By being transparent about our ethics, we create a culture of integrity and sustainability within our organisation, and inspire others in the industry to follow suit. This can be most prominently seen in our Environmental Assessments which relates a product’s environmental impact in an unbiased manner - encouraging discussion and allowing the customer to make informed decisions.

Transparency fosters open communication with customers, inviting feedback and collaboration to continuously improve our ethical practices.





An integral part of MoJo’s goals towards Carbon Offsetting and Transparency is education - both for ourselves and for our clients. This takes a variety of forms both within and without, most notably through our product Environmental Assessments which breaks down the impact of the product in clear terms. We also have a range of environmental writings which covers a range of topics including explaining common accreditations, what materials are, as well as any eco initiatives that we are participating in. It is our firm belief that by doing this, we are not only fostering important conversations, but also helping people to make the best decisions they possibly can to help themselves and the planet.


“We take our sustainability seriously. Transparency here is key, which helps give you the most information to make an informed merch choice.”

-Kyra Leigh, BSMI Champion